American Express® Business Gift Card

American Express® Business Gift Card
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When your challenge is to inspire a broad range of people, the American Express Business Gift Card is your answer. Welcome in the United States virtually anywhere American Express Cards are accepted, this prepaid card gives individuals the freedom to create their own personal version of the ideal reward. This is how American Express Business Gift Cards inspire action: they allow recipients to purchase the item or experience they want the most. They can shop for the best price, go to stores, or browse online. And unlike cash, American Express Business Gift Card funds are replaceable if lost or stolen. They’re available in a range of values and ship quickly, too.

American Express Business Gift Cards are designed to help you intelligently leverage the prestige of the American Express brand, too. Cards and accompanying materials are a reflection of the brand's luxury status, and this adds to the reward experience, making recipients feel special. This is a plus for all types of programs, from sales and distributor incentives to employee recognition and wellness.

Features Available for purchase in the U.S. Variety of standard dollar values available Accepted at merchants across the U.S. Ships to U.S. locations in bulk

Recommended Uses

Employee Rewards & Recognition
Encourage higher levels of engagement, performance and safety with incentives that reinforce desired behavior.

Holiday & Year-End Gifts
Thank clients and reward employees for helping your business have a great year.

Service Anniversaries Recognize company loyalty with a reward that’s as valuable to your employees as they are to you.

Sales/Dealer Incentives Keep both your direct sales force and distributor network focused on increasing sales.

Customer Loyalty Reward customers who make it a habit to choose you over competitors.

Customer & Employee Referrals Show advocates how much you appreciate it when they personally recommend you to others.

Terms and Conditions apply to Business Gift Cards. Some limitations apply. The American Express Business Gift Card may be used at U.S. merchants that accept American Express® Cards. Funds do not expire. No ATM cash withdrawal. Additional limitations apply. See Cardholder Agreement for complete terms and conditions. Card cannot be redeemed for cash, except where required by law. The American Express Business Gift Card is issued by American Express Prepaid Card Management Corporation. Orders that have been funded cannot be canceled or returned.
Terms and Conditions