Electric Companies

Commonwealth Electric Company, a full service electrical and communications contractor, prides itself on not only the quality of workmanship it presents to its customers, but also its high employee retention rates. The Midwest company encourages its employees to treat customers in the “Commonwealth way,” with superior service that exceeds customers’ expectations. In turn, employees find themselves in the midst of a positive workplace environment and tend to stay with the company for years.
To foster exceedingly high employee retention rates, Commonwealth Electric Company demonstrates its appreciation for employees by rewarding them with IncentiveCardLab.com cards after electrical installation projects are complete. The unexpected recognition for completing a project goes a long way in telling employees how essential they are to the Commonwealth Electric Company team.
As the company continues to increase in size, its reputation for quality services done right the first time grows as well. Commonwealth Electric Company, through word-of-mouth referrals, has expanded from the Midwest to include locations in the Western U.S., and has seen its customer base multiply in size. By incentivizing employees with incentive cards, the company continues to spur on hard work, which leads to additional referrals and continuous company growth.
Customizing incentive cards on IncentiveCardLab.com has made it easy for Commonwealth Electric’s Cheryl Keyes to keep rewards for employees on hand. “When one of our employees is finishing a project, we like to give them an incentive card as a little something extra for a job well done,” said Keyes, Office Manager, Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest. “It takes us no time to go online and customize an Incentive CardLab card, and it pushes our employees to display superb customer service with every project they complete. And excellent customer service is what Commonwealth Electric Company is all about.”

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