The Baird Group, a consulting group specializing in customer service improvement and mystery shopping for healthcare organizations, is using as a simple solution for motivating participants. From its mystery-shopping program, to patient experience consulting, the Baird Group provides healthcare clients with targeted solutions for customer-service challenges.
As a tool used by companies to measure the quality of their products and services, mystery-shopping lets ‘secret shoppers’ pose as normal customers to gather information about actual patient experiences. By acting like patients or friends of patients, secret shoppers can gauge the quality of actual patient experiences provided by healthcare companies. With help from, the Baird Group created a “shopper of the month” program where one exceptional secret shopper is rewarded with a Baird Group branded gift card. Displaying the Baird Group logo, the gift card spurs customers to participate in additional mystery shopper initiatives, boosting the amount and variety of mystery-shopping participants in the program.
The Baird Group also uses as a reward and “thank you” for patient participants who allow the Baird Group to observe their surgery. Consultants at the Baird Group gain valuable insights by documenting the surgery while it’s happening, providing a stronger understanding of how customers are treated and what the healthcare provider can do to improve its customer experience. With a logo-branded gift card spendable at most restaurants, stores and venues, patients are generously rewarded—and incentivized—to participate.

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