Old-fashioned customer referral and word-of-mouth tactics are vital to the growth of small business bookkeeping provider GrowthForce. This is why GrowthForce incentivizes its existing customers and associates with incenetive cards from, ranging in value from $250-$500. For each referral, GrowthForce says “thank you” by sending an incentive card with the GrowthForce logo directly to whomever made the new business referral.
As a player in the small business space, GrowthForce understands the value of a personalized thank-you. In addition to gifting a hefty amount on an incentive card, GrowthForce uses the online form on the Incentive CardLab site to fill out a personalized note explaining how thankful they are for the client recommendation. While GrowthForce continues to expand its customer list, the incentive card recipients are left feeling appreciated and valued when they received a GrowthForce branded card in the mail complete with a personalized thank you note on a greeting card.
Using Incentive CardLab makes appreciating and saying “thank you” to customers a breeze for Leslie Blair of GrowthForce. “Using incentive cards to appreciate each referral that comes our way—and to motivate people to refer clients to us—makes  growing our business possible. Incentive CardLab is easy to use. We’ve never once had a problem customizing the cards with our logo, which adds a colorful touch to each incentive card. Incentive CardLab makes it possible for us to say thank you in a personal way.”

Design your own incentive card with your company logo, a picture from a company event, or promotional materials for your next marketing campaign or "thank you" note.  Artwork assistance is free, just call 888.293.4129 for a client relations representative.