It can be difficult to get patients in for teeth cleanings and check-ups, which is one way dentists and orthodontists can benefit from using incentive cards. To compensate for slow months, offering an incentive card as a sweepstakes or giveaway to patients who come in for an appointment is a great way to book appointments. Incentive cards can also be used to entice new patients or thank loyal patients for referrals.
As social media gives more power to word-of-mouth, giving incentive cards for graduations, birthdays, or patient complaints, is another way to generate buzz and distinguish a dental practice from the competition.
Stephanie Barahona posted a picture on Twitter of the birthday incentive card to Jamba Juice her dentist sent her and Selena Loren posted that her dentist gave her sister an incentive card for graduating.
Are incentive cards effective for dentists?  If you are looking for increased buzz about your business, these are just a few tweets from people talking about the incentive cards received from their dentists:
What is even more important, is that people are retweeting and taking notice, even asking for referrals based on incentive cards given to patients.

Hopewell Dental Care has already caught on to this trend.
Incentive cards have been used sucessfully to generate buzz about a dental practice.  Check out our selection of incentive cards for the dental industry or design your own