Design Guidelines


Sample Customized Visa Incentive Card



Custom Visa Design Guidelines

Incentive CardLab reviews each image submitted. While we accept most images, we will not accept images that contain any of the following:
  • Works of art, copyrighted materials or brands of any third party and their likeness
  • Celebrities, actors, cartoons or computer games figures
  • Phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses, account or PIN numbers
  • Violent, bloody, indecent, nudity or semi-nudity, obscene, maltreatment under 18 content
  • Culturally or socially insensitive texts or images, or those that show alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms or other anti-social behaviors
  • Texts or images that display the views, opinions or beliefs of political groups or religions
  • Libelous or derogatory or defamatory content
  • Discriminative or provocative content
  • Numbers, texts or images that might induce misunderstanding
  • Content that instigates anti-government behavior or sentiment, or content that is in violation of any rules, regulations, or laws
  • Texts or images that might result in card acceptance confusion by merchants
  • Other texts or images that are deemed not suitable for any reason for use as a Incentive Card face by IncentiveCardLab