About IncentiveCardLab.com

IncentiveCardLab.com is one of the largest online stores focused solely on incentive cards with hundreds of brands and thousands of designs. It is a one-stop shop offering popular retail gift cards, Visa Incentive Cards and e-Gift cards, which can be delivered by email or text message. IncentiveCardLab.com currently supports over 5,500 corporate clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, with employee rewards, sales incentives, marketing promotions and customer loyalty programs.

For individuals, we offer GiftCardLab.com, a program specifially designed to support personal gifting for friends and family.  


IncentiveCardLab.com Mission Statement

Provide the largest selection of incentive cards on the planet while WOWing our clients with exceptional service.



IncentiveCardLab.com is a service of CardLab, Inc., a leader in customized, prepaid Visa Incentive Cards suitable for any occasion, including employee incentives, customer loyalty and rewards. The company’s easy-to-use custom card design and distribution services make it simple, fast and affordable to send incentive cards in any denomination from $5 to $2500 with no minimum order and no setup fee. A pioneer in the customized, branded incentive card market, CardLab Inc. was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

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For corporate sales programs, e-mail: Sales@CardLabCorp.com.
For more information, email: Corporate@IncentiveCardLab.com.